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“Say what you will!” “This Get That Next Job methodology has a good 50%-75% hit rate to get conversations started.”

Chris R. July 17, 2017

The Resume-Less Job Search System, 2001-2018

A Paradigm Shift to Get That Next Job. 

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
– Buckminster Fuller

A radical change in underlying beliefs or theory.

    T.S.Kuhn (1922-96)

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*Many of our clients and subscribers during the last 17 years have gotten GREAT jobs in less than 3 weeks!



“Do You Want a Great Job In Less Than 30-60 Days?*

We have 5 different programs to fit everyone’s needs.

get That Next job’s: Personal Marketing Strategy Program© was designed to address all the major hurdles of job transition today.

It is specifically designed for experienced workers.

We have created the only comprehensive, proven process for career transition.

Get That Next Next Job!

Stop spending your time and money rewriting your resume, customizing cover letters, scanning job boards, filling in online applications and all that “junk” that is getting you nothing but tired!

(“Spray, Pray, Job Fairs and the Chat method does not work well!”)

Our 7-step program is a proven, systematic, aggressive and coordinated approach that will get your credentials in front of decision-makers you want to work with and who have the budget and the ability to hire you.

The Personal Marketing Strategy Program’s©

7 Step Job Search Program
Interviewing-Negotiations-Life Network

It is truly a humbling experience to have to start over as an older adult in a new career, with no real assets other than your wits, an entrepreneurial spirit,

and a set of disparate and unrelated experiences. We know personally the pain of dislocation or what we refer to euphemistically as “dehiring.”


Ask about our Candidate Initiative Search Assignment. CISA!

87% of our coaching clients get jobs in less time than the Traditional method of resumes.

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The office is open for new CEO/EVP only clients in the evening after 8:30 Thursday only!

Our basic premise is that, for the last 20 years, the majority of job seekers have been doing their transition planning with an old and outmoded system.

We based our system on the hidden job concept—95 percent of all the jobs are never advertised; the transition is a sales job, and you must know who you are before you launch your job search.

There are three basic ways our program differs from every other.
Before you can be offered a job, you must first:

Get Noticed: How do you allow the decision makers in companies to see, discover and interview you as an opportunity for their company?
We present detailed sections on:

introspection, marketing, targeting, implementation, interviewing, negotiations and life Network.

Get Interviewed: We introduce our “paradigm questions” in this section, with the basic purpose of converting any interview to a conversation—not a confrontation.

Get THAT NEXT Job: Close the Deal, Get Hired.  Negotiations & Life Network

When you subscribe to the site, you get our full 7 Step Program for 1 year.

Our PMSP will guide you through an integrated interactive process to help you acquire a new job in the shortest time possible.

If you find it difficult to keep yourself motivated on your own or find following a disciplined, consistent sales program, you may find personalized coaching to be the answer.

How can we help you?

Executive Program: The Method


The Dreyfus “Theory of Value-Based Job Acquisition”: Personal Marketing Strategy Program©  An Aggressive Job Search. (Supplicant to the Only Applicant) Who can use this program and succeed! The Method!   


We suggest that you purchase or get a free CRM program for your information that you will need as you do your search.



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If you only look at what is, you might never attain what could be! Anonymous


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