Start Anew and Continued Success: After Hire Coaching and Promotion planning.

$1,050.00 $850.00


Survive the first 6 months and grow your Job.


The Start Anew Program© is a continuation of the GTNJ© Program. It is designed around 10, ½ hour sessions over a 10-week period. The SA Program was developed to answer the questions of most people who are in transition about beginning a new job.

The major purpose is to ensure success as our client’s transit from being a candidate to that of a new employee, or those clients who begin a new job or promotion with the same company. This program was written to be sure that our clients not only succeed/survive but thrive. 

The Continued Success program is designed to help our clients prepare for a promotion or a new transition.

As a company that is committed to the mantra that preparation before embarking on any task, the SA Program is no different.


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