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Start Anew: Keep your feet out of your mouth for first year at a new job.

The Start Anew Program© is a continuation of the GTNJ© Program. It is designed around 10, ½ hour sessions over a 10-week period. The SA Program was developed to answer the questions of most people who are in transition about beginning a new job.

The major purpose is to ensure success as our client’s transit from being a candidate to that of a new employee, or those clients who begin a new job or promotion with same company. This program was written to be sure that our clients not only succeed/survive but thrive. 

As a company that is committed to the mantra that preparation before embarking on any task, the SA Program is no different.


For more information please call 404-348-0429

Get Interviewed

Coaching per hour

Regular one on one hourly coaching. The counselor will provide homework based on our PMSP program and or newly created material. No access to the website.

GTNJ Basic Sales Rules

GTNJ Basic Sales Rules Go to the top, Decision Maker, CEO Go to where the Money is, Budget, CEO Go to the person who takes the Most Risk, CEO Be Discrete, do not tell anyone at the current place of work. Make one Last Sales Call each day Say Thank you and send a thank […]

Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition People: HR   Contact person that can make a Decision, Has Budgetary authority, takes most Risk in Company.  Sees People, not paper, Opportunity, not Risk, Sees Passion, not Obfuscation, Sees Performance, not excuses.    Must have a senior position. EVP, VVP or C level. Must know the company. Must know the clients. Must know […]

Site’s Rationale

Site’s Purpose & Personal Checklist We do understand the emotional roller coaster that you are on as a recent or maybe not so recent job seeker and we are confident that our Personal Marketing Strategy Program (PMSP©) can and will help you Get That Next Job.  This site has been designed to be an interactive […]

Retirement: Harvey R

Retirement Transition Interview Inventory Harvey54R Personal Review WIP 7                             RTII/CIP© This is a derivative work from the book website and coaching of Get That Next Job© 2006-2015. A Quality Retirement This product is not a financial, retirement housing or educational program. Our goal is to present you with an Interview Inventory of “Who you are, […]

Tell a Better Story!

June 27, 2016 by Chris Russell Best advice – ‘tell a better story’ One of my mentors over the years has been Bruce Dreyfus.  He taught me to tell a better story.  This was one of the most valuable skills I have ever acquired.  Not only for use in my own life, but for helping […]

7 Step GTNJ Marketing Plan

Introspection   Road-map for Success Marketing  Presentation Materials Targeting 20+5 Target Companies/Hidden Positions Implementation “18 Contacts in 36 days” & Follow Thru “3 Day Rule Paradigm Interview  “Conversation vs Confrontation Negotiation “Best Offer” Network for Life   “Never look for another job again”