The 7 Reasons for the Personal Marketing Strategy Program© Tri-Folds.
At a recent seminar held at Georgia State University, while listening to my partner Bob Sandt talk about our “contrarian” process for a job search, I had an epiphany. I started writing immediately why our delivery presentation system from the Personal Marketing Strategy Program (PMSP) process was so important.

I had never thought of it this way before; I had always just accepted that the presentation process was just that, a presentation process, with no other import than that.
But in thinking about what heretofore I had considered the main purpose of the tri-fold brochure (TFB)—the candidate taking emotional possession of the “product” (themselves) and the content—clarity finally set in. Yes, personal ownership of “their” TFB was always the key, but there was so much more that I had been missing the real benefits and impact of the TFB.

Below, I have begun to outline the real strength of the creation, revision and, ultimately, and delivery of the TFB. The process really had some deeper, more important meaning, some of which I skirted but never truly saw until recently.

I have tried to describe the real reasons the TFB and the sales aspect of the PMSP process have real impact on a strong emotional level with every candidate that studies themselves, actually develops, revises and delivers their three TFBs.


Why the tri-folds:

Get back your identity and sense of value. Your value proposition.

Be able to demonstrate yourself as an opportunity to top management. Get noticed.

Prove to your family that you are doing something creative, decisive and deliberate/different to look for a job.

To develop a sponsorship program of top executives for life.

To escape the 1/3000 second syndrome of today’s search process.

To flatten out the emotional roller coaster of a typical job search.

To allow you to actually interview. To listen to the whole question and be confident of your answers.


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